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Springtime is the best time for spring cleaning. It is a must to give your home a breather after a long period of time being shut down and dormant during the winter months. You may want to open up the windows to let fresh air come in and clean interiors but do not forget to give the same treatment to your exteriors.


If you dread the thought of cleaning you may be wondering why bother cleaning your exterior.

First and foremost, the exterior of your home is a reflection of your personality. By taking care of it and make it fresh and presentable after accumulating dirt and grime through the winter months, you make a better impression on neighbors and guests.

A fresh and clean home is more enjoyable and you'll find yourself wanting to spend more time outside.


  • Windows: Washing windows and screens will give you a sparkling view of spring even if it's still a bit too cold to be outside enjoying it as much as you want.

  • Roofs: accumulate more than just dirt and debris. It can also house mold, algae and moss. Give your roof a spring clean and I will double the lifespan of your roof.

  • Gutters: for many homeowners, gutter cleaning it's a fall chore but checking them again in the spring will ensure that no debris has become clogged in them during winter storms.

  • Siding: Pressure wash the siding of your home to remove grime. Be sure to start at the highest points of your home to avoid washing dirt down onto clean areas.

  • Deck and patio: If you have a wood deck, inspect the wood for signs of rot or decay and make repairs as necessary. Sweep first, then scrub the wood with oxalic acid to kill microbes, and restain the deck if necessary. For a concrete patio, check for chips or cracks that need repair, and scrub away any stains.

  • Driveway and walkways: can accumulate oil spills, dirt, grime and house growths like mold or algae. Pressure washing is recommended for optimal results. ou might also need some more scrubbing and scraping for stubborn dirt and stain. Regular washing can eliminate accumulated dirt and grime. It can also get rid of moss and weeds, increasing your driveway and walkway’s aesthetic value. Be extra careful when using cleaners as they may contain chemicals that can endanger and damage adjacent lawn, gardens, and flowerbeds.

Outdoor spring cleaning can be challenging task, Specially for beginners, this can be a stressful and enormous task. Also, mistakes in the cleaning process can leave poor results leaving homeowners frustrated. Furthermore, improper use of tools or chemicals can bring early deterioration and damage.

Free yourself from all that trouble and call the experts at Pro-EX cleaning services for your commercial and residential needs. With years of experience under our belt, we have become a household name for different cleaning services like roof and gutter cleaning, window cleaning, driveway cleaning, deck cleaning, and many more. We use state-of-the-art equipment and all the techs are trained and certified.

If you are looking for exterior cleaning services in Northern Virginia please give us a call at 703-655-6020 or email us

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